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Female infertility – Things you must know! Signs & Symptoms

According to Dr. H.B Patel, one of the best IVF doctor in Ahmedabad, the inability to conceive is the most common sign of infertility. You may not be ovulating if your menstrual cycle is excessively lengthy (35 days or more), too short (less than 21 days), irregular, or missing.
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What is frozen embryo transfer?

IVF hospital offers elective frozen embryo transfer when a fresh transfer is not possible (sometimes known as a “freeze all” technique). All embryos are cryopreserved in this circumstance and will be transplanted in a FET cycle in the following month.
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What is assisted hatching technology?

Assisted hatching is a type of assisted reproduction technology that is occasionally used in conjunction with IVF. The experts at Nisha IVF Centre, Ahmedabad’s IVF centre, would want to shed some light on this technology.
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30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

A miscarriage does not always imply that you have a reproductive issue. The majority of women who experience miscarriages (87 percent) have future normal pregnancies and deliveries. The expert team of IVF doctors in Ahmedabad at Nisha IVF Center would like to address miscarriages and how to deal with them in this article.
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In Vitro Fertilization Guide by Best IVF Centre in Ahmedabad

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a form of assisted reproduction in which eggs are surgically extracted, fertilized in a laboratory with sperm, and placed into the uterus via a medical procedure. IVF success rates vary depending on your age and the cause of infertility.
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IVF Treatment at a Low Cost

Compared to the expense of IVF in other cities of different nations, the IVF cost in Ahmedabad, India is quite reasonable. Few countries’ regulations are strict enough to prohibit IVF treatment; however, there is a substantial degree of openness for IVF therapy at a lower cost than total costs in some regions.
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IVF- Frequently Asked Questions

IVF, as the most cutting-edge technology for assisting infertile couples in having their babies, is not without its own collection of IVF myths. Dr. Nisarg Patel, one of the best IVF doctors in Ahmedabad, will help debunk some of these myths in this report. However, there is still a need for more people to be aware of IVF’s capabilities.
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How To Choose The Best IVF Centre In Ahmedabad, India

IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is a procedure in which an egg is mixed with sperm from a partner or a donor outside of the body. The procedure necessitates careful supervision and observation with the assistance of physicians, as well as your expectation for the best outcome.
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Cost of IVF in Ahmedabad

Today, however, various forms of artificial medical assistance have been created to help couples who are trying to conceive a child boost their reproductive capabilities. People may pursue a variety of fertility treatment options to improve their chances. Let’s look at some of the factors that can increase the cost of IVF in Ahmedabad:
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Concept Of Trigger Shot In IVF

The trigger injection, also known as the “trigger shot in IVF,” is a hormonal injection used in various fertility therapies, such as IVF and ART. Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is normally present in a trigger shot. The HCG hormone is responsible for causing an ovary to mature and release an egg.
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Egg Donation In IVF - How To Choose The Right Donor?

It is always important to find a right egg donor for IVF. Your IVF professional can help you in such cases as most of the time they have a database of regular egg donors. If you are looking for IVF in India with donor eggs then Nisha IVF which is one of the best IVF centre in Ahmedabad is the right place for you.
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When a patient comes to our clinic, we perform a transvaginal ultrasound scan to test their ovaries and an antral follicular count to determine their ovarian reserve. We also examine the uterus to see if the endometrial thickness is sufficient for the menstrual cycle process and if any Fallopian tube pathologies are evident.
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