Fertility Issues – Why is it Difficult to Talk about it?

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Fertility Issues

It is a well-known reality that infertility does hurt. It has an emotional, mental and physical toll on individuals struggling with it. 

It can affect your self-esteem, social connections and relationships. You get bothered with it and you may prefer hiding your struggles than discussing them with others. You are not alone, many couples in Ahmedabad are going through the same struggle. 

Why do people avoid discussing their infertility?

More than fifty percent of the couples hide their fertility problems from their friends and family. They find it is simpler to say they are not thinking of having children than accepting their infertility problems.

This brings to the fore the suffering of couples who desire to have children of their own.

Why do people hide their infertility issues?

Feel incomplete

Several couples do not prefer sharing their sadness about infertility with their dear and near ones. That is natural, as you will not want to advertise your inadequacy.

You and your partner may not understand that infertility is a disease and not a reflection of who you both are. Yet, you somehow feel embarrassed and ashamed.

So often, couples say things such as, “I am incapable of doing the thing a woman is supposed to do – bear children,” “my body failed me,” or “my husband feels less like a man.”

Talking about sex

Many people are uncomfortable speaking about sex and it comes to infertility, you are bound to talk about it. It is not possible to talk about reproduction without speaking regarding sex, the act that makes reproduction possible.

A lot of advices

Several individuals in your life are willing to give out advice even when it is not needed. To a large extent, their advice is either ill-informed or wrong.

You might have heard a few ‘helpful’ advices, like:

  • Stop trying and relax. Anxiety is an issue. 
  • Adopt and you will conceive.
  • Avoid getting up or put your leg in the air for thirty minutes after intercourse.

Also, many a time, the advice is not required. It tends to pop-up when it is unexpected and causes pain. Hence, to protect yourself from ‘helpful’ advice, you might not prefer telling your struggles with infertility. If this is the case, who are the right people to share your infertility issue with?

To whom should you share your infertility issues?

Find your core group

It will assist if you have some trustworthy and supportive people around you on your journey through infertility. Filter out individuals with whom you can share your frustrations and sadness and your dreams and hopes for success.

Be careful to whom you tell your feelings and issues. You surely do not want everyone to know regarding your infertility struggles.

Be open with your partner

You share a particular bond with your partner and even he or she is together with you in this problem. Hence, it will help if you share your feelings with them. 

Yet, most individuals wish to protect their partners from the complete intensity of their feelings. That is why they prefer not to discuss their anxiety, fear and keep their emotions bottled up.

How to start discussing infertility?

You can share some details regarding your journey with your close individuals. Allow them to know about your struggle with infertility, what you did so far, and your research and ways to seek the treatment. One such successful treatment is in-vitro-fertilization or IVF, so look for the right IVF centre in Ahmedabad for your procedure.

Let your support system understand that you do not expect them to fix your fertility problem. Yet, you desire somebody who can understand you and listen to your issues.

Medical science has made consistent advancements in the field of fertility procedures. If you are facing infertility, you should visit an infertility specialist for a consultation. They will suggest the best procedure to help you reach your parenthood dream.

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