How to find happiness during your Infertility journey?

July 13, 2021
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Pregnancy is one of the most important and beautiful phases in a woman’s life.

The joy a woman gets from becoming a mother is priceless.

Every woman looks forward to that day, she waits for that moment when she will get to hold her little angel in her arms.

  • But what if you are infertile?
  • What if your pregnancy is a far cry?
  • What if the chances of becoming a mother and fulfilling your dream of holding your child in your arms are low?
  • It is so saddening to read this right?

But some women are going through this.

How saddening it might be for them?

But as it is said that after every sad day comes a glad day! Sad times do not last for long. There is a day after every night and the sun again shines with more glow! So, one shouldn’t lose hope!

Women facing infertility issues should stay positive and keep trying to fulfill their dream of becoming a mother by doing IVF treatment from the best IVF centre in Ahmedabad! One day, their efforts will surely succeed, and they will be blessed with the biggest joy of their life- their child.

And after all, the more painful and struggling is the journey, the more beautiful and sweeter is the destination. The happiness received on reaching the destination after a struggling journey is priceless.

A positive mind leads to positive outcomes. So, it is important for women facing fertility issues to be happy and positive if they wish to welcome the biggest happiness of their life-their little angel.

But how to stay happy and positive in such a tough phase?

This article explains how you can find happiness in your infertility journey.

You can find happiness in your infertility journey through the following ways-

1. Finding and celebrating small joys:

It is important to find small joys if you want to find your biggest joy- your baby. Find joys in small everyday things and celebrate them. Count your blessings and achievements instead of brooding over your problems and misery.

Focus on things that you have instead of focusing on things that you don’t have. You have so many well-wishers and positive people around you. You have your family and friends. Focus on them, spend time with them instead of thinking about what you don’t have- your child.

2. Change your glasses:

It all depends on how we look at things. Life is what we perceive it to be. So, why not look at things in a positive way rather than in a negative way? The things that seemed to be a curse would then seem to be a blessing.

For example, instead of thinking of infertility as a curse and a problem, why not think that the Almighty might have better plans for you! Why not think that the best things take time to happen. The sweetest things take time to happen! Desserts are always served at the last! So, remove your glasses of negativity and wear on your glasses of positivity to see the positives!

3. Venting out:

It is said that happiness multiplies by spreading it and pain declines by spreading. So, it is essential to vent out your pain and feelings to people who are your well-wishers and who are good at the art of listening. During such times, all we need is an ear that listens. What happens when physical wounds or illnesses are not healed and treated?

They tend to worsen with time! The same is with mental and emotional wounds. They need to be healed or else they will get bigger and aggravate with time. And venting out your problems and feelings is one of the best healing methods. It makes one feel lighter. The best IVF doctor in Ahmedabad agrees to the same.

4. Find happiness within:

A woman facing fertility issues is not able to remain happy because she feels the birth of her child is her happiness. She feels that is where her happiness lies. And so, as she is unable to find her happiness, she is unable to stay happy.

But the thing is she is searching for her happiness in the wrong place. Happiness doesn’t lie outside but inside. If she stops thinking that her happiness is her child, she will stay happy even in the absence of her child. If she believes that happiness lies within, in this current moment, it will help her stay happier.

5. Avoid walking on the tough path:

Suppose, you fell and injured your knee. What will happen if you again fall and injure the same knee? Even if the fall was small, the pain would be severe and would worsen because already your knee was injured and was paining before the second fall. The same is with mental wounds. Due to infertility, you are already in pain.

So, during such times, if you attend baby showers and read posts about women giving birth to babies, you are sure to experience more pain and worsen it. The good news would be bad news for you! Don’t worry, this is normal! What if your shoulders are aching, and you carry heavy bags on your shoulders? Your shoulders will pain more, right?

As heavy bags are a trigger to your shoulder pain. In the same way, if you are in pain due to fertility issues and attend a baby shower or read pregnancy posts on social media, this will surely trigger your pain and cause more pain.

So, the best IVF specialist in Ahmedabad advises women who face fertility issues to avoid things that trigger their pain especially when they are not prepared to face it!

6. Do not give up:

Ask yourself how important it is for you to give birth to a child? Ask yourself whether giving birth to a child is important for your happiness? If your heart says a yes, then it is worth fighting for your heart, for your love, for your child! Do not give up then! Stay hopeful, positive and keep trying! Go for the best IVF treatment in Ahmedabad! You will surely succeed.

Because where there is a will, there is a way! Do not lose hope if you want to win your child! Do not lose hope if you want to win happiness! Do not lose hope if you do not want to lose this battle with infertility! Because only when you have hope and stay positive, you will try and not give up on your dream of becoming a mother! And only when you try, will you succeed!

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Dealing with the problem of infertility is difficult. It is difficult to stay happy in such tough times. But one can try staying happy and positive by following the techniques mentioned above. After all, a positive mind is needed to get a positive outcome.

It is important to stay happy today if you want happiness tomorrow. A good mood is necessary for good news! And do not lose hope. Keep trying. Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the solution.

Instead of brooding over the problem of infertility, focus on the solution by going for an IVF treatment in Ahmedabad. Your efforts will surely succeed one day! Your dream of giving birth to your child will surely turn into reality!

You will surely receive the biggest joy of your life! Your dream of becoming a mother will surely come true! You will surely be able to live the happiest moment of your life holding your baby in your arms.

Welcome positivity to welcome positive news!

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