Nothing compares to the time of waiting that comes after you have had your IUI treatment. The resulting fear can be overwhelming. However, finding out you are pregnant may be almost as exciting, if not more.

Many couples in Ahmedabad go for IUI treatment every year. They search for the best IVF doctor in Ahmedabad to get started on their journey to achieve parenthood. You might have been one such couple as well.

We understand that after an IUI treatment, the process of waiting for results might be overwhelming. So, in this article, we have discussed pregnancy symptoms after an IUI procedure.

When do you start experiencing pregnancy symptoms?

During an IUI treatment, the symptoms of implantation are close to those of a natural pregnancy. Some of them include:

Symptoms of pregnancy after the IUI procedure

During an IUI treatment, the symptoms of implantation are close to those of a natural pregnancy. Some of them include:

Bleeding after implantation

Implantation bleeding is one of the earliest symptoms of implantation. Although not every woman goes through this, it is considered natural in any case. Implantation bleeding occurs as the egg deposits in the uterine tissue. It results in a thin vaginal discharge that you might confuse for a period.

Sometimes, cramps might also accompany this bleeding. It normally happens between six and twelve days after conception.

Menstrual delay

A break-in period is a strong indicator of the chances of conception. Although light bleeding may occur, there is most likely nothing to be concerned about. You should still see a specialist if you have any irregular bleeding that concerns you.

Breast tenderness

You may be pregnant if your breasts feel swollen, a little sore, and sensitive. Swelling and tenderness in the breasts are also frequent signs during cycles. However, if this symptom occurs after a pause in your cycles, you should go for a pregnancy test.


Nausea and morning sickness are also common symptoms. This may be caused by a strong odor, an allergy to a specific meal, or for no apparent cause. Nausea occurs because of a rise in the hormone estrogen in your body.


Owing to a high amount of progesterone in your system, you may feel very sleepy during this time. It is because the progesterone hormone is known to cause sleep. Furthermore, the blood pressure and blood sugar levels fall, resulting in increased blood production in your body. This consumes a significant amount of energy and contributes to fatigue.

Aversions and cravings

You can develop a strong and almost unhealthy desire for certain foods while still being unable to tolerate certain smells. It is a pregnancy symptom that will last for a long time, right up to the end of childbirth. Your food cravings can cause you to seek food at inconvenient times. Hormonal variations in the body trigger certain cravings and aversions to certain smells and foods.

Frequent high body temperature

A rise in progesterone levels will cause your body temperature to rise. If you have noticed an increase in your body temperature for more than 20 days, it is a sure indication that you are pregnant.

When is it appropriate to take a pregnancy test?

Even though the sperm is inserted directly into the uterus during the IUI process, the zygote takes four to six days to enter the uterus after the fertilization. It could take another five days or more for the implant to be completed.

Also, it will take a few days for the hCG levels to increase, which are used to confirm pregnancy on a pregnancy test. So, you should go for a pregnancy test two weeks or 14 days after the treatment.

It can be overwhelming and emotional to wait for signs of your pregnancy after an IUI. However, it is crucial that you remain calm and do not stress. During this critical period, have faith in your partner and help each other, and try to avoid taking a home pregnancy test for at least two weeks.

When the time comes, the only way to determine whether you are pregnant is to do a blood test, which guarantees a reliable result. So, ensure you visit the best fertility specialist in Ahmedabad for a reliable test result.