Tips on how to keep calm after embryo transfer

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May 1, 2021
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keep calm after embryo transfer

Entering parenthood is one of the most significant decisions that you have taken. It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of your journey to parenthood. In this phase, we take the opportunity to help you with the ‘tips on how to keep yourself calm after embryo transfer during the two-week waiting period.’

You tried IVF treatment with high hopes after many failed efforts to conceive, yet now that the treatment is complete, it’s nerve-wracking to know that you will have to wait for another two weeks. It is the time between the embryo transfer and the pregnancy test.

Waiting to hear the news of your pregnancy after treatment can be tough. The two-week wait will feel like an eternity. Most women tend to overthink and get anxious about the result. From joy and expectation through suspicions and anxiety, a whirlwind of feelings erupts.

Thousands of emotions and perceptions may be triggered by even the slightest cramp or sensation in the body. You go online to start searching for signs. As early symptoms of pregnancy, you can notice small changes in your body. Mental stress can also cause insomnia and a faster heart rate.

All of these worries are entirely normal. It means so much to you that you can’t help but feel strongly about it. However, it is not good for you nor your baby. It is essential to be calm throughout this period. 

The two-week wait will put your patience to the test, and here’s how to succeed:

Try relaxation activities

Relaxation methods such as yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises have been shown to help reduce stress. All of these methods will help you get rid of negative feelings and anxieties if done regularly. Take a minute to stop and relax if you find yourself overthinking or worried. It will assist you in de-stressing and relaxing.

Start-up with new hobbies

Start-up with new hobbies

Hobbies are the most effective way to keep the mind busy. Use these two weeks to do whatever you want, whether it’s drawing, writing, handicrafts, or something else. Consider things you have long wanted to try; now it is an excellent time to do so. Creativity brings happiness and positivity, which is just what you need during this period.

Reduce the time you spend on the internet 

While it can be appealing, attempt to limit the usage of the internet. You may have the urge to look for symptoms and early signs of pregnancy. However, keep in mind that surfing the web in a panic will only excite you and may disturb your well-being.

Maintain your physical well-being

You must look after yourself during this period. Take precautions to keep both physical and mental health in check. Develop a well-balanced diet routine that nourishes your body. To stay fit and healthy, begin a basic workout regimen. These small steps not only keep you safe but also make you relax.

Diet plan 

Eat a non-spicy, well-balanced diet and drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Breakfast, or any other meal, should not be skipped. 


Please take all the prescribed medicines on time.

Bed rest

There is no requirement for complete bed rest, but you should avoid vigorous activities.

It’s important to note that worrying feelings are normal. Take a deep breath and rest for a moment. Recognize that the best way out is to cultivate optimistic feelings and patience. 

Replace the feeling like “Am I pregnant?” with “I might be pregnant.” Replace the confusion with a sense of wonder. Since optimism is more powerful than fear, replace anxiety with hope. Be hopeful that it will turn out fine; it will!

If you need detailed information on this, you can contact your IVF doctor in Ahmedabad.

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