A Case of COVID Positive Seventh Month Pregnant Patient Treated Successfully


Dr. Nisarg Patel and Dr. Himali Maniar

Patient’s Overview:

  • Name: Shital Dudhrejiya
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Unknown 

Medical Tests Performed:

Routine blood tests and COVID test

Condition Diagnosed:

COVID-19 Positive 


Comprehensive COVID-19 Treatment in Pregnancy

Detailed Description:

Pregnant women are more susceptible to all types of respiratory illnesses, including the flu than other people. This is due in part to the way pregnancy affects the woman’s immune system and in part to the way pregnancy affects her lungs and heart. COVID-19 puts pregnant or recently pregnant women at a higher risk of severe sickness. 

If the woman has COVID-19 in pregnancy, the treatment will focus on symptom relief, which may include plenty of fluids and rest and medicine to reduce fever, relieve pain, or minimize coughing. If the woman is seriously ill, she might need hospitalization.

An Overview of the Case :

A seven months pregnant patient named Shital Dudhrejiya visited the Nisha IVF, one of the famous IVF clinic of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with a fever and cold. Dr. Himali Maniar and Dr. Nisarg Patel, one of the top IVF doctors in Ahmedabad, examined the patient and suggested some basic blood tests and Covid tests.

Dr. Himali and Dr. Nisarg analyzed the blood reports and diagnosed the condition as COVID-19 positive. They treated the patient with the utmost care so that she and her baby are safe and out of danger. The patient was hospitalized for several days, and after testing COVID-19 negative, she was discharged.

Patient’s Feedback :

This is what the patient has to say: “Nisha IVF is an outstanding hospital and very hygienic. Dr. Himali Maniar and Dr. Nisarg Patel are very supportive and knowledgeable. The hospital staff is very kind and supportive. I was COVID-19 positive in the seventh month. They both help me to come out from COVID-19, and they took a daily update from me. Thanks to both the doctors and all the staff.