8 Tips to Increase your Chances of IVF Success

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If you want to increase your chances of conceiving during IVF, here are 8 tips that are sure to help you:

Healthy weight

Managing your weight is extremely important for fertility and IVF. If you are obese (BMI > 35) or underweight (BMI < 19) conception time doubles. Also, it can negatively affect IVF success rates. 

If you are overweight, it makes monitoring the ovaries during IVF more challenging. It also increases the chances of problems during egg retrievals.

However, you can maintain your weight with changes in diet and activity. Work with a dietitian, and enrol in a cardiometabolic weight reduction program. It can help you bring your weight to normal.

Optimize sperm health

Use multivitamins and maintain optimal body weight. Furthermore, using boxers over briefs can also improve sperm quality. Under proper medical care, you can also take medications that can assist in increasing sperm count and quality. This can have a beneficial effect on IVF results. 

In some cases, sperm taken directly from your testicle over ejaculation can also be beneficial. So, involve a male infertility specialist for any abnormalities, because a semen analysis is necessary.

Find an excellent doctor and IVF Centre

If you want to pick an excellent IVF specialist, remember:

  • They should have experience and commitment to evidence-based medicine.
  • Look for a doctor with whom you can feel comfortable and connected.

Your doctor will assist and guide you on this very emotional journey. It is crucial for you to feel heard and supported. Ask for recommendations from your friends and family. They know you best and can help guide you to a knowledgeable physician. Also, the IVF centre must be well equipped with the latest technology required for successful IVF.

However, be sure to do your research.

Minimize your stress

Stress levels can affect natural and assisted conception rates. Reducing your stress during an IVF cycle can be a challenging thing to achieve for most couples. Several reports have shown improvement of pregnancy results using acupuncture and other relaxing techniques. You can also enrol in mind-body programs, resilience training and stress reduction workshops.

Quit Smoking

IVF success significantly reduces due to smoking because it affects egg and sperm quality.

However, you do not have to do it by yourself.

Trying to quit smoking is not an easy task and requires a lot of personal as well as professional help. Try the help of your friends and family to encourage you in this process.

To quit smoking, pharmacological assistance and structured programs have proven to be very successful.

Taking supplements

Supplements like DHEA and CoQ10 have shown some promise in increasing egg quantity and quality. So, talk to your doctor and check if they recommend them for you. Taking multivitamins can also be helpful.

Adequate levels of vitamin D

More than 40% of people are deficient in vitamin D. There is also research data on its link with infertility and worse IVF results. Consult your doctor and check your vitamin D level if it is less consider taking a vitamin D supplement.

Focus on patience and persistence

You might require more than one IVF cycle to achieve an embryo for transfer. These outcomes may differ significantly from cycle to cycle. If your first cycle was not successful, your doctor might adjust the medications to make the next one better. 

Sometimes, you have to keep at it. Try not to be discouraged or feel upset by negative outcomes and setbacks. You are doing your best, and the results will show very soon. 

Remember, this condition is mostly out of your control. It is true nobody likes a lack of control; however, letting go can help you in enduring the journey. 

Take care of yourself and do not blame yourself when things do not go well. Also, you are not alone; very often, it takes a village to build a family.

Follow the tips mentioned above to get a better outcome from your IVF treatment. Consult your specialist if you have any problems. And all things will surely end up well.

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