Yes, IVF babies are absolutely healthy and as normal as other children. You can actually never find the difference between a normal baby and an IVF baby unless told.

They have no less physical abilities as well as mental capacity than a normal baby.

All you have to do is take good care of yourself during the treatment. Your main concern should be to increase the chances of a successful IVF procedure. Factors affecting the success of IVF are:

Age: IVF treatment indeed provides success at most of the ages. But, after a certain age, you should get all the required tests done before proceeding.

Previous miscarriages: If you have suffered from multiple miscarriages before then it indicates fewer chances of success.

Lifestyle factors: Smoking, drinking and unhealthy food could lead to less success. Obesity is one of the major causes affecting success.

Quality of lab: Always find an IVF centre equipped with the latest technology. Otherwise, its reliability is questionable.

Doctor: Make sure you do a little research before blindly trusting any doctor. Always go for an experienced IVF doctor who can ensure IVF success.

Are IVF Babies Normal and Healthy?

IVF is a complex subject, hence many people are still doubtful about it and have a lot of pre-conceived ideas.

One widespread prejudice which is prevailing even among the educated class is that IVF babies are not entirely ‘normal’. People think this because they are a product of the scientific expertise of doctors.

Quite a few even believe that IVF babies are artificial because they form in cutting-edge laboratories. The basis of their argument is that IVF babies are not the result of a natural procedure.

People believe that IVF treatment requires technical know-how and surgical procedure so the babies cannot be healthy.

This belief has continued and increased by the old-fashioned and uninformed section of people. However, the truth is far-flung from it.

IVF children are as normal as naturally born children as far as their physical attributes and mental aptitude is concerned. Also, they are as naturally born like other children.

All you have to do is your share of homework and research and discuss with a knowledgeable IVF specialist to disperse such unchecked myths.

How is IVF different from Natural Conception?

In the IVF procedure, the doctor places the embryo into the uterus of the mother through the cervix. After that, the process of getting pregnant is normal as it happens in the case of sexual intercourse between partners.

The only dissimilarity between IVF and the normal processes is that in IVF sperms and eggs fertilization takes place in a lab.

This process happens under the direction of an IVF doctor. The fertilization takes place in a test tube instead of the mother’s fallopian tube.

Most people opt for IVF procedure because:

  • The male partner is not capable of producing sperms or high-quality sperm.
  • The female partner is incapable of producing eggs or high-quality eggs, or there is a blockage in Fallopian tubes.

So, they are unable to create an embryo naturally. This is where IVF can help you because fertilization and fusion of sperm and eggs occur in the lab.

Once embryo forms by fusion of sperm and eggs, it is placed into the uterus of the mother. After this, the entire pregnancy is identical to a natural pregnancy.

After the embryo implants itself into the mother’s uterus, they get pregnant and give birth to a child after the set time.

So IVF babies are as normal as other children. Perhaps, until one is informed, it is not possible to make out any difference between IVF babies and other children.

Is IVF Procedure Safe?

You may still be unsure about the safety of IVF treatment. Because more than one embryo is implanted into your uterus through IVF, you may have several pregnancies. This is done by your IVF specialist, which raises the chances of a successful pregnancy.

However, thanks to elective single embryo transfer, the number of embryos transferred can now be reduced.

Having twins isn’t a risk in the first place. People are naturally gifted with twins. If you are offered double happiness, you should accept it totally.

To stimulate the ovaries to produce one or more eggs, most women use fertility drugs or hormones. Having many eggs available for IVF will improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

These medications may have certain negative effects. So keep an eye out for any allergies that may arise as a result of your drugs. There are usually no serious consequences associated with it.

Aside from that, IVF is a generally safe procedure for everyone. To avoid any difficulties, always seek the advice of an experienced physician.