Obesity and infertility

January 14, 2022
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January 14, 2022
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February 5, 2022

People in Ahmedabad are facing a lot of problems due to obesity. Starting from numerous health issues, it is a developing problem relating to your fertility as well. Nisha IVF in Ahmedabad is one of the best clinics to treat all your issues related to fertility.

Here we are going to discuss the connection between infertility and obesity. So, continue to read the article till the end.

Obesity is one of the most rapidly growing issues in today’s time. It is affecting millions of people throughout the world. Along with other complications, obesity can act in the fertility of both males and females. As a result, it will decrease the chance of your successful pregnancy.

Obesity is a very complicated situation where your body stores extra fats. Over-eating, oily junk food, and a life without exercise are the main reasons for obesity.

On the other hand, infertility is a serious condition where you cannot give birth to your baby. It can be a problem for both males and females.


How does obesity affect infertility in women?

End number of studies say that women who are overweight face more difficulties in becoming pregnant. In comparison, a woman who is having an average body weight does not experience the same. There is a massive chance of pregnancy loss, also for women who are overweight.

Obesity can instigate irregular hormone issues, as well. Eventually, these issues affect the reproductive cycle. It impacts negatively on your ovulation. It can put you on an irregular menstrual cycle and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

The abnormal hormone secretion can cause you overproduction of insulin as well.

Now, after women, let us understand the connection between obesity and infertility in men:

A study conducted at the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS) says that men who have increased body mass index are more prone to be infertile than others. It says that a 9 kgs (20 pounds) increase in body weight increases infertility by 10 percent.

It affects the normal hormone secretion in your testicles, resulting in low sperm production. Eventually, the excess fat present in your body converts testosterone into estrogen, which affects your testicle stimulation negatively. As a result, men suffering from obesity experience abnormal semen.

How does obesity affect your hormones?

Obesity affects the production of your gonadotropin hormone. Gonadotropin hormone is essential for sperm production in males and regular ovulation in females. So, it is very critical to develop eggs in women and sperm in men.

Now let us discuss the obesity and complications related to pregnancy:

Being overweight brings an end number of complications during your pregnancy. If you are overweight, then you will suffer from high blood pressure during your pregnancy. It can lead to insulin resistance in your body. As a result, you will have diabetes during your pregnancy.

So, is there any chance of miscarriage due to obesity?

Yes, obesity can be a leading cause of miscarriage. Hence, it creates an obstruction among obese women in becoming a mother. The reason can be the following-

Defective implantation of the fertilized egg into the womb as your body becomes resistant.

Low quality of ovum.

Irregular and inadequate levels of hormone secretion disturb your pregnancy.

So, how does In Vitro Fertilization works in an obese couple?

Though In Vitro Fertilization is the ultimate method to treat your infertility issues yet, couples always choose the option in the end. According to a recent study, the success rate of IVF treatment is lower in women who are obese with more than 35 BMI. The success rate is slightly higher in women who are overweight with 25- 30 BMI or normal weight.

Obese women have a lower success rate, even with the embryo implantation technique. In most cases, they are not capable of becoming pregnant after IVF treatment.

Hence, we encourage our patients to reduce their weight and stay fit before starting In Vitro Fertilization.

Now we have discussed all the issues related to obesity and infertility. So, let us see some cures for obesity and infertility.


Exercise is mandatory for everyone, whether opting for IVF treatment or not. It is the key to staying away from all diseases and complications. It is beneficial in regulating your hormonal imbalance due to obesity in a natural way. So, invest at least 30 minutes in exercise every day to stay fit.

Proper diet: 

It includes a balance of all kinds of beneficial ingredients. It would be best if you avoid fat and excess oil consumption. Eat all seasonal fruits; including citrus fruits, as they are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is highly beneficial to increase the quality of your semen. Along with this, it helps in fat reduction as well.


Your body needs proper hydration to remove all the waste elements from your body. It improves your blood circulation as well. As a result, you stay healthy and fresh.


If you are suffering from obesity or overweight issues, consult with the doctor beforehand. Because it may help you to get proper treatment quickly, along with this, take all the prescribed medicines and follow your doctor’s advice properly.

Hence, if you suffer from any infertility complications, do not hesitate to contact us.

Till then, stay healthy.

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