What to expect when you go for an IVF Treatment

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IVF is a helpful, preferred and proven treatment for couples who cannot conceive naturally. When you begin your IVF treatment, there are several steps involved like blood examinations, injections and continuous visits to an IVF clinic

There are a series of procedures involved, including:

  • Ovulation induction
  • Retrieval of eggs
  • Sperm collection
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer

Your IVF specialist will stimulate the ovaries to create multiple eggs at once. It can take around 10-12 days for the eggs to be ready for retrieval. Collection of eggs lasts about 20 minutes and under general anaesthesia.

The male partner will give a fresh semen sample on the same day. Good sperms are collected from the semen sample. After that, you can go back home on the same day.

Your IVF specialist will combine the eggs and sperms in a lab to produce embryos. These embryos are implanted into the mother’s womb through a precise procedure. In this procedure, your IVF doctor will insert a thin tube called a catheter into the vagina, through the cervix, and into the mother’s uterus and place the embryo for implantation. 

Your doctor may transfer 1 or 2 embryos and freeze the rest for later use in the coming cycles. Freezing embryos and storing occurs by vitrification in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 deg Celcius.

If you have a first successful IVF cycle, you are on your way to becoming parents. However, if you fail in the first cycle; you can try again with a few more additional cycles. In such a case, your IVF doctor may suggest waiting for 1 or 2 months between the two cycles.

Several factors determine the success of an IVF treatment, including :

  • Partners age
  • Quality of egg, sperm and embryo
  • The number of embryos transferred into the womb

Do’s and Don’ts during an IVF Treatment. 

IVF treatment can be tiring and stressing. It requires involvement at an emotional, physical and spiritual level. 

The thought of what will happen next will concern you. Also, everyone may not react the same way or have success with an IVF treatment. 

However, there are steps you can take to ensure a better outcome. Some things that you must avoid and some things you should do during your treatment:


  • Reduce your stress, have a positive approach to life and IVF treatment. Do meditation, yoga or read books anything that makes you relax. Follow your daily routine; keep your day normal.
  • Research more about IVF treatment by yourself– the procedure, benefits, risks, success rates, etc. The more you know, the less stressed out you would feel.
  • Follow a healthy diet, especially during IVF treatment. The healthier you start, the better chances of success you have with IVF.
  • Your diet must contain lots of proteins, fruits, and leafy greens, along with adequate hydration, will assure the success of the treatment.
  • Optimize your weight according to your height. Manage your weight before you start your treatment. A BMI of over 30 or less than 19 contributes to negative results even if all other factors appear normal.
  • Get enough sleep. You may feel fatigued during the treatment because of the mental and emotional pressure. So, it is best to sleep adequately.
  • Keep exercising regularly; do not overdo it. Exercise just enough to keep yourself healthy and in good shape.
  • Ensure you take vitamins and micronutrient supplements regularly. However, before you start taking supplements, get them checked by your doctor.


  • Do not listen to negative people. All couples are not the same; everyone has a different case. 
  • Do not neglect your health.
  • You must stop smoking and drinking alcohol. They will affect your IVF success rate and chances of pregnancy.
  • Do not stop after one IVF cycle failure. Some couples need multiple IVF cycles before a successful pregnancy.
  • Do not lose hope if IVF does not work for you. There is always another plan that your doctor can suggest to you.

Your IVF doctor will assist you as much as possible. They will make in vitro fertilization the right option for you and your family. Join a support group or get a counsellor to help you and your partner through IVF treatment.

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