7 Ways IVF can Benefit Infertile Couples

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7 Ways IVF can Benefit Infertile Couples

Many people in Ahmedabad are opting for an IVF procedure. It has become a very common fertility treatment. Are you looking for IVF treatment in Ahmedabad as well?

In this article, we have mentioned seven ways IVF can benefit infertile couples. We have also mentioned some of the steps that you can take in the different phases of IVF. It will make IVF more successful.

Let's have a look at 7 ways in which IVF benefits infertile couples :
  • Blockages or damage in the fallopian tube:

The damage or blockage in your fallopian tube does not let sperm reach the egg. So, IVF is excellent for you in this condition. In the IVF procedure, the egg fertilization occurs in a laboratory.

After that, the embryo is placed back in the uterus. So, the process of the sperms reaching the egg is cancelled out and an already fertilized embryo is placed in your uterus.

  • You can use donated eggs and sperm:

If your sperm is not motile or you have a low sperm count, you can use donated sperms. In a female case, when you cannot produce eggs, you can use a donated egg.

Your IVF specialist fertilizes the donated egg manually with sperm in a laboratory to make an embryo. After that, it is transferred into your uterus. Most IVF specialists believe that donated eggs increase the chances of pregnancy, especially in older women.

  • You can have a baby according to your timings:

With IVF, you have control over when you want to have a baby. If you wish to put your career first and wish to postpone your pregnancy, that is also okay. You can preserve embryos or eggs for future use. You can select a time when you want to get pregnant. After that, your IVF specialist will prepare the eggs for fertilization.

  • Screening for inherited diseases: 

You can use IVF if you have any genetic disorders running in your families such as Huntington’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and muscular dystrophy.

Your specialist performs a Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to ensure that such genetic disorders do not get passed on to the child. 

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) examines cells from an embryo to screen for possible genetic abnormalities.

  • Healthy embryo:

If you get more than one healthy embryo, the spare embryos can be used for helping others. If biological parents want, they can donate unused embryos to another couple who are having infertility

  • After chemotherapy:

If you have cancer and are receiving chemotherapy, you can have children taking IVF.

Chemotherapy can destroy or damage eggs in ovaries. Most IVF specialists recommend that these women have their eggs harvested, frozen, and saved for future attempts.

So, after finishing your chemotherapy, you can have healthy and normal children.

  • Increasing age:

If you are above 35 years old, there is a high chance that your fertility has reduced. Women lose their fertility as they become old. After thirty years of age, fertility begins to decline, and it speeds up after thirty-five. In such cases, IVF provides better chances of getting a baby as compared to other procedures.

Now that you know the 7 ways IVF benefits infertile couples let us explain some of the things you may have to adopt during different IVF phases.

Do's and Don'ts of an IVF Procedure

During the IVF procedure, you must follow some do’s and don’ts to achieve a successful pregnancy. The whole list of do’s and don’ts at the IVF procedure can be categorized into three phases or sections. The stages are pre-cycles, mid-cycle, and post-cycle. They are as follows.

Pre-cycle phase:

  • The goal must be entirely focused on being in your best health state, both soul and body.

  • Your diet must have few fruits, green leafy stuff, nuts, and several veggies, and of course, meat that is high in zinc if you are a meat lover.

  • Drink a lot of water to have a healthy state of living. Stick to a timetable that allows you to drink a minimum of eight glasses per day.

Mid-cycle phase:

  • Make sure that you are getting a minimum of eight hours of rest. Sleep is essential for your body, so do not miss out on getting your sleep.

  • Make sure you drink a healthy level of fluids like an adequate quantity of water.

  • The no alcohol and no smoking rule goes on in this phase as well.

  • Try a moderate to a less impact exercise routine.

Post-cycle phase:

  • Discuss and share the stuff that goes on in your life with your partner.

  • Try relaxing as much as possible and prevent all forms of stress.

  • Since there are chances of light bleeding after the egg’s retrieval, do not use tampons; however, you can use menstrual pads and have adequate hygiene.

  • Drink water and other alternatives to avoid bloating. This includes coconut water and liquid IV or drinks which are less in sugar.

    IVF is like a blessing for infertile couples. Have an infertility consult at IVF centre in Ahmedabad today, they will guide you on this IVF journey and help you achieve your dream of becoming a parent.

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