Benefits Of Consulting A Fertility Specialist

May 17, 2022
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April 7, 2022
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June 3, 2022

Infertility is a scary experience; it can often feel like your entire life is falling apart, and for a good reason. Because the desire to have a child is a key component of what makes us human, infertility is one of life’s most terrible challenges. 

It is no surprise that many couples who are experiencing infertility also have marital problems and are under a lot of stress. It is all too easy to become enraged and frustrated, or even worse, to find someone to blame. However, you do not have to cry for months in the bathroom over pregnancy tests. 

Please consult with Dr. Nisarg Patel, one of the founders of the world-class Nisha IVF Centre in Ahmedabad. He is among the best IVF doctors and can assist you in conceiving fast, safely, and economically.

Why Is It Important To Speak With A Fertility Specialist?

Many couples initially seek advice from their primary care physician, urologist, or gynecologist. But if you have been trying for more than a year without success, you should see a fertility doctor as they specialize in infertility care and treatment.

Read on to understand the benefits of seeing a fertility specialist.

Get the right diagnosis

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People who have never sought infertility treatment may believe that there is a single treatment for all cases of infertility. You may feel that hormones and IVF (in vitro fertilization) are effective for everyone. However, that is not the case. 

A variety of medical issues can cause infertility, and getting the correct diagnosis is critical for treating this condition. Furthermore, getting the proper diagnosis will save you a lot of time and money.

The majority of reproductive problems are due to one of the following:

  • Egg issue: Anovulation or failure to ovulate is a disorder where your eggs fail to develop properly or do not get released from the follicle of your ovaries
  • Sperm issue: Low sperm count or weak motility (sperm movement) 
  • Implantation failure: The embryo fails to implant due to an infection, hormonal disorder, or structural issues
  • Unexplained infertility: Egg and sperm seem to be normal, and there is no specific cause found during fertility testing, hence the term unexplained infertility

Dr. Nisarg Patel is a highly-skilled fertility specialist who can read the test findings accurately and is well-versed in the many treatments available. 

Utilize your time and money in the right way

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Infertility therapy can cause you 2 main concerns: time and money. 

Time is fast ticking away. Women’s fertility starts decreasing in their 30s while men start seeing a gradual drop in their 40s. So the time you spend on ineffective therapies is time spent away from your most fertile years. 

Ineffective treatments are a waste of time. If you spend money on a treatment that is not suitable for you, you will make a dent in your hard-earned money by having to repeat and try out different infertility treatments. As a result, the optimum fertility treatment strategy is one that strikes a compromise between the most effective treatments available and your financial situation.

Fertility specialists are professionals and are aware of fertility difficulties that your general doctor may not be aware of. As a result, they are more likely to select the appropriate procedure the first time. 

That means your precious time and money are not wasted.

Multiple treatment options

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Many people seeking infertility treatment believe that their options are limited to hormones, IVF, donor eggs, or sperm. But that is not true. You may be surprised to know that there are:

  • a variety of IVF procedures 
  • various hormone combinations to assist you in becoming pregnant
  • certain operations that can help you become more fertile

Fertility medication is multifaceted, with various approaches that can be altered and customized to match your specific needs and assist you in achieving your fertility objectives. And this can only be possible when you consult with a fertility specialist.At Nisha IVF Centre, the eminent fertility specialist, Dr. Nisarg Patel, will want to understand all the necessary factors related to you to help you reach your goal of parenthood, including:

  • fertility history, such as your menstrual history, previous pregnancy, and how long you have been trying
  • lifestyle and overall health
  • mental health and the impact of infertility and fertility therapies on your mental health
  • financial concerns, and how much infertility has impacted your finances

After that, the fertility specialist can devise a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. There will be no wasted time or procedures that are bound to fail, just a fertility treatment that is best suitable for you.

What Is The IVF Treatment Cost In Ahmedabad?

Dr. Nisarg Patel passionately believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity to become a parent and provides low-cost IVF treatments in Ahmedabad with this objective in mind.

The cost of IVF at Nisha IVF Centre in Ahmedabad ranges from Rs. 80000 – Rs. 150000. These prices include the cost of IVF shots.

The cost varies because no two people are alike, and each individual or couple has their specific set of fertility challenges.


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Pregnancy is not as simple as it appears, and it frequently takes longer than anticipated. Patience is a virtue, but if you have not been able to conceive after trying for a year, do not delay any longer. Consulting a fertility specialist should be an essential element when you plan to start a family.

Set up an appointment with Dr. Nisarg Patel, a top-notch fertility specialist in Ahmedabad. He keeps up with the latest advancements in the field and is aware of novel and revolutionary treatments.

Supported by his incredibly skilled and experienced team of specialists, he is helping thousands of couples struggling with fertility to start their journey of parenthood. 

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