How can the IUI Procedure help with infertility?

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Many couples in Ahmedabad are facing infertility problems. For such couples, IUI treatment can be the starting point. You do not have to visit a infertility hospital in Ahmedabad for details, as we have already mentioned in this article. We will explain to you what IUI is and how it is performed, and many other related topics.

What is IUI?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a famous fertility treatment and assisted reproductive technology (ART). It helps overcome the natural barriers which is passage of the sperms from the vagina to the fallopian tubes. The IUI procedure inserts the sperm in the uterus to start their journey closer to the egg cells. 

How is the IUI procedure performed?

These are the steps involved in an IUI procedure:

  • Stimulation of egg growth: The fertility expert will provide the female partner some oral or injectable medications. It will stimulate the development and growth of eggs. You need to take oral medication or injectable medicines for few days, depending on how the ovaries react.
  • Ultrasound and blood monitoring: When you are on medication, you may require brief ultrasound monitoring every two to three days. It allows your specialist to manage the ovaries and egg development. Blood tests help in examining the hormone levels linked with egg growth and ovarian function. With the help of testing and monitoring, there is an assurance that everything is proceeding safely.
  • Induction of ovulation: The female partner gets an injectable, i.e., trigger-shot, that induces ovulation within about thirty-six hours. The clinic’s nurse will give the shot, or you can do it at home. 
  • Sperm preparation: The male partner gives a sperm sample, which is treated in the lab. While preparing, the technician washes the sperm sample to take out debris, immobile sperm, and dead materials in semen. After the final step, we will have a highly concentrated good sperm sample.
  • Insemination procedure: Just like any regular pelvic exam, a woman rests on a check-up platform. A fertility expert will inject the sperm sample into the uterus with a thin, flexible, long catheter. The entire process is virtually painless and requires minutes to finish.
  • Pregnancy testing: After two weeks of insemination, you need to follow up with blood testing or a urine pregnancy test kit. It will help find out whether you have achieved pregnancy.

What are the benefits of IUI?

Some of the reason why you should consider going for an IUI treatment:

  • IUI does not include the removal of eggs from a woman’s uterus. 

  • The IUI procedure does not need the administration of general anesthesia.

  • IUI can also be useful in a woman who requires sperm from a donor to become pregnant. 

  • It can treat various infertility conditions such as low male factor, ejaculatory dysfunction, and many more. 

Who should consider IUI?

You can go for IUI treatment if you fall under one of the following categories:

  • If you have low sperm motility or low sperm count. It provides your sperm a head start by inserting it in the fallopian tube.

  • IUI method is useful if you have severe cervical mucus hostility. The condition discards the survival of sperm before attaching to the egg.

  • IUI is effective for candidates who have difficulty in vaginal intercourse. It could be due to a psychosexual problem or physical disability.

  • IUI is also used when you must use donor sperm because of severe male infertility or the absence of sperms.

  • It is suggested in other causes such as cervical infections and endometriosis in the female partner.

If you have one of the conditions mentioned above, then you can go for IUI treatment. But what if you have unexplained infertility?

IUI and fertility drugs for unexplained infertility

For those having unexplained infertility, IUI alone or with fertility drugs can raise your odds of pregnancy slightly. The evidence is not strong.

Still, because of IVF’s very high cost and invasiveness, IUI with fertility drugs is worth trying.

How many cycles of IUI should you do?

It is based on your interest and your age in pursuing IVF treatment if IUI should fail. For those who can do IVF, three IUI cycles are likely a well enough trial before going onto IVF.

A study shows IUI with fertility drugs are worth trying for up to nine cycles for those who are not willing or cannot pursue IVF treatment.

IUI treatment is the best option for couples who are young. Consult an experienced clinic to get the best IUI treatment in Ahmedabad.

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